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High-Frequency Irregular Words (Sight Words):How to Teach Anyone to Read and Have Fun While Doing It

Updated: May 11, 2022

In Episode #5 of her series How to Teach Anyone to Read and Have Fun While Doing It, Dr. Jill Allor describes how to teach high-frequency irregular words (sight words). The procedures she shares are easy to follow and will have students reading their first books right away. Fun game ideas are provided. Information about research is included.


Ep 5 Irregular Words How to
Download PDF • 9.92MB


Allor, J. H., Mathes, P. G., Roberts, J. K., Cheatham, J. P., & Otaiba, S. A. (2014). Is Scientifically Based Reading Instruction Effective for Students With Below-Average IQs? Exceptional Children, 80(3), 287–306.

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Mathes, P. G., Denton, C. A., Fletcher, J. M., Anthony, J. L., Francis, D. J., & Schatschneider, C. (2005). The effects of theoretically different instruction and student characteristics on the skills of struggling readers. Reading Research Quarterly, 40(2), 148–182.

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Teaching Word Recognition by Dr. Rollanda O'Connor'Connor/9781462516193

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