Teacher Helping Student


What is Friends on the BLock?

Friends on the Block is an intensive literacy intervention, yet it is flexible so teachers and families can easily customize the program for varying learner types.

We are a friendly resource for beginning and struggling readers.

How does IT Work?

  • Friends on the Block consists of 14 levels that increase in difficulty and provide cumulative review of high-frequency target words and skills. 

  • Students progress through the curriculum at their own pace, repeating books and accompanying lessons within a level until the target words in that level are mastered.​

  • Lessons are comprehensive, addressing all areas of reading, including phonemic awareness, letter knowledge, word recognition, fluency, and comprehension.

  • Lessons are consistent with the recommendations for foundational skills and research on struggling readers and students with disabilities


What makes it UNique?

  • The program was developed based on years of experience, research, and feedback from teachers, students, and families. Teachers in both public and private school settings have used the intensive intervention successfully. Click here for more about the RESEARCH.

  • Our books and lessons are carefully designed to provide students with extended practice with a limited number of skills at a time, allowing students to have extensive practice with skills before adding new skills. 

  • Our books are carefully designed to provide meaningful and extensive practice of approximately 300 high-frequency words, including high-frequency decodable words (e.g., dad) and high-frequency irregular words (e.g., was)


  • Most of our books include Helper Text and Student Text to make them more meaningful and engaging.  The books are read collaboratively by the "Helper" (e.g., teacher, tutor, parent) and the student.

  • Picture words are included in books so students can read the word without having to decode or recognize the word. This is called "scaffolding" and allows more natural language and engaging story lines

Teacher and Student