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Friends on the Block is an intensive literacy intervention, yet it is flexible so teachers and families can easily customize the program for varying learner needs.

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Our early reading books and learning games may also be used on their own to provide extra support and practice for all beginning and struggling readers.

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Randomized controlled trial funded by the Institute of Education Sciences

Institute of Education Sciences blog features Friends on the Block!

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Instructional Materials

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physical materials!

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"My students have made so much progress just since school started in August! Some of my students would have meltdowns when it came time for reading groups. Now those same children get excited for reading time every day. They love the stories especially the ones about the baby. (Sam Gets a Baby Sister and Babies Make Choices). I'm so amazed at how well this curriculum has worked for them. Now there are more special education teachers asking me about it! Thanks for working so hard to get this program up and running!! We love it!!"

- Kayla Dyer, Special Education Teacher (Participant, MTSU Workshop)
Students include those with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Sharon School
Sharon, Tennessee

Meet The Team
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Dr. Jill Allor

Author and Owner/Operator


Dr. Jennifer Cheatham

Author and

Director of Creativity


Dr. Stephanie
Al Otaiba


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Dr. Miriam Ortiz

Program Specialist

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