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We at Friends on the Block are more than happy to work with your administration to help facilitate the approval of your purchase order and are eager to send you a price quote for whatever materials you are interested in. Simply return to the store and continue browsing. Once you’ve filled your shopping cart with the items you want, go through the usual checkout procedure but instead of paying up front, make the choice for a “Manual Payment”. After you’ve “placed your order”, our business administrator will create a price quote for you that you can then submit to your Purchasing Director. Please give our administrator at least a day to complete your request. If you prefer to send him an email with a list of the materials you want, you can do that also.


One last thing. Our curriculum is easily customizable. Just fill out our contact form and Dr. Allor will get in touch with you to arrange a free consultation to help you decide on only those parts of our curriculum that you need.

Price Quotes and Purchase Orders

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