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Our New Blog: How to Teach Anyone to Read and Have Fun While Doing It!

I'm very excited to begin a blog! Our goal at Friends on the Block is to do our part to help everyone learn to read, regardless of circumstance or disability. I will be posting each Friday morning on a variety of topics related to literacy. If you've looked over the Friends on the Block website, you know our focus is beginning and struggling readers, especially those with very intensive needs. The blog will focus on this as well.

I'm particularly excited about the how-to series we have planned. In this series of blogs, we will provide specific step-by-step guidance about how to teach early literacy skills. The series is intended for families and tutors, but we believe teachers will also find this series helpful. Our goal is to keep this simple and fun, but still highly effective.

You can use your own materials to implement these ideas or use our FREE books and games to implement these ideas (become a FREE member on our website). Depending on your needs, you might also consider purchasing our Premium Digital plan, some of our physical materials (books, games that are ready to play), or our curriculum kits. Our "turn the page" curriculum kits are completely ready to use and come with additional videos that guide you step-by-step through the entire program.

I am thrilled to announce our new blog and especially this how-to series. Our goal is that this series will provide families and teachers with teaching strategies and activities that are fun and meaningful -- something you can do right now for the beginning and struggling readers in your life.

What's next? The next blog will briefly describe what is different about our program and how we are both consistent with research and innovative.

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